A root cause is a fundamental, underlying, system-related reason why an incident occurred that identifies one or more correctable system failures. By conducting a root cause analysis and addressing root causes, an employer may be able to substantially or completely prevent the same or a similar incident from recurring.

We help our clients deal with uncertainty and complexity, from simple risk assessments and decision support to complicated analysis of options and challenging decisions. We can assist at all levels, from individual projects and isolated requirements to organizational risk management frameworks and strategic capabilities. Our background includes a high level of technical capability, combined with practical business experience. We offer pragmatic approaches to real problems, underpinned by sound techniques and analyses that are tailored to your needs.

Open Classroom:

In the modern era of education, every institution or university is adapting new teaching methods using their teaching methodologies. The education system of ancient India has some special features and uniqueness which was not found in any other ancient education system of the other countries. The education was mostly given in forests under the blue sky, which keeps the student’s mind fresh and alive.

The open classroom school generally had an architectural configuration of large pods containing six to twelve classrooms, each with outside access and no interior walls.

The first Open classroom was developed at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada, A.P, India, under the green initiatives program by the University. Wealth from the waste concept implemented and University Civil and Environmental engineering students involved in the implementation stage.

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