REST manufacturing innovative Agri equipment to support farmers. Our REST specialists with local expertise work with you to guide you through the things that matter to your business. Our inclusive range of services means we specialize in supporting a wide variety of industries within the Agri, food and beverage sector.

REST specialists perform all environmental compliance, monitoring, assessing by MoEF approved laboratories services and guide you to mitigate all environmental and safety issues in cement industry.

REST consulting audit team assess your college or institution will comply for Green campus status by conducting Green, Eco and Energy audits and certify you.

REST consulting specialists guide you in possible health hazards need to be identified and assessed at every step of the global supply chain. With new challenges at every corner of your business from complex manufacturing to new governing requirements, REST can ensure you get to market quickly and responsibly.

Construction approvals and environmental consulting services by REST consulting experts guide you to meet all NBC requirements.

REST Energy audit team guides you to comply with all National and regional standards, REST provides you service on energy audit of your organization or institution.

With a global network of minerals laboratories, sample preparation facilities and offices in key mining regions and ports, REST offers a wide range of minerals services to the mining and minerals exploration industries. Sample preparation services are strategically located or available at client’s project sites. Minerals analytical laboratories provide high quality minerals assay and testing services utilizing the latest technology along with proven scientific methodology.

REST Consulting provide professional services to the mining, minerals and extractive industries. Our specialist team has been involved in projects covering a diverse range of minerals including Oil sands, Precious Metals, Rare Earth Metals, Minerals and Aggregates, Industrial Minerals, Bulk Commodity Minerals and Coal.

REST EIA services an objective basis for decision-making and is relevant for offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, development, production, decommissioning and infrastructure projects. Our procedure is based on EIA standards, and each EIA we undertake is designed to meet national and regional regulatory requirements and company standards.

REST pharmaceutical contract laboratory services, regulatory guidance and supply chain assurance brings quality and safety to life to support your unique pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical outsourcing requirements.

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REST specialist audit team guides and conduct green audit for development of townships to make it green buildings to comply with National Green Building Codes.

REST is widely focusing on grabbing in the solid waste filling from landmines and water bodies. Collecting the E-waste from industries and individual and processing the E-waste by removing toxic chemicals and making th e E-waste reusable.

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