Banana is the third important fruit crop after mango and citrus in the state of A.P. Banana is cultivated in an extent of 60,000 hectares in the state with an annual production (Deccan chronicle 19th Jan 2017). Mainly in coastal region, cyclones cause hundreds of hectares damages every year. REST research and development team has been conducted several research on this burning issue and developing Banana plant cyclone protector.

Flaring in Oil & Gas industries is a nuisance to the public and black soot if harmful to the human being. Extensive research has been conducted and an automatic control of soot and unburnt hydro carbons from steam assisted flare stack in Oil & Gas industries designed.

Several research projects are being conducted at REST which are mainly focus wealth from waste concepts. A life saver boat has been designed with waste plastic bottles. Tyre bench, SWACHH BHARAT sign letters with waste has been developed.

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