Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring refers to the tools and techniques designed to observe an environment, characterize its quality, and establish environmental parameters, for the purpose of accurately quantifying the impact an activity has on an environment. Results are gathered, analyzed statistically, and then published in a risk assessment and environmental monitoring and impact assessment report.

The main objective of environmental monitoring is to manage and minimize the impact an organization’s activities have on an environment, either to ensure compliance with laws and regulations or to mitigate risks of harmful effects on the natural environment and protect the health of human beings.


REST Pvt Ltd offers the following monitoring services

  • Air Monitoring
  • Water Monitoring
  • Soil Monitoring
  • Noise monitoring
  • Microbiological of water and food
  • Hazardous & toxicological analyses

Environmental Consultancy

Rekhapalli Environmental Solutions & Technologies Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive range of environmental services, catering to both public and private sector organizations for understanding and optimizing their relationship with the natural environment.

Supporting and guiding our clients through comprehensive environmental impact assessment processes to achieve sustainable project approvals is a core part of our Environmental Consultancy business.

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