Green Campus Audit

REST consulting audit experts conduct Green Campus audit to your college/institutions and assess the eco-score and finally certify your college is comply with “Green Campus” status or not.

Environmental Audit

REST consulting audit team conduct Eco-Audit to meet all ISO-14001 requirements and practice by your institution and guides you to comply.

Pollution Assessment

REST laboratory services provide you to carry indoor and outdoor ambient air quality, noise, waste water and solid waste analyses for your college/institutions to comply with Central and state environmental standards and provide you pollution assessment certification.

Energy Audit

REST consulting Energy audit team conduct Energy audit and guides you to save energy for your institution.

Advisory & Consulting

REST experts will consult your industry and advice you to enhance your safety statistics by apply new SEP.

Research, Study & Analytics

REST Pvt Ltd offers your students to carry our research study in different engineering fields like Civil, Environmental and mechanical under the experts and scientist group.

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