Downer cow syndrome, Prolapse, Dystocia (difficulty in parturition), Recumbency due to calcium deficiency/ muscular pain/weakness or bone fractures, etc. where these animals need immediate medical attention, in some instances even though after providing whatever the medical support it required the animal may not recover fully and prolonged recumbency may lead to nerve paralysis whicworsense the condition even further. Whenever the recumbency is prolonged, the prognosis is very poor and the treatment is unsuccessful. Besides proper medical treatment, the animal needs physical support to stand where it is very difficult because of their weight and size.

REST Pvt Ltd designed and developed a Low-Cost animal lifter equipment that is patented.  Manufacturing and supplying to the farmers and dairy farms.


Animal lifter provided with a plurality of support members to project and connect the body of cow in between its front and rear legs with a canvas, moved to the desired position, ascend & descend over and lift an animal as desired.

This device supports and lifts the animals in their inability to rise and remain in a recumbent position due to hypocalcemia or the like illness or injury.

The animal owners will be no more reluctant to accept treatment using this device a second time.


Animal lifter supports the animals with support members arranged on a front and rear movable leg which comprises at least one ratchet block with chain and pulley arrangement to descend from a rest position and ascend over an animal to support it and lift by holding the canvas rolled beneath a reeling animal.

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